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We are a safety network for travellers all over the world: we help you plan a safe and authentic trip, and provide our GPS safety device to guide you.

KenaiGo Concept and Bear Story

Meet our mascot Keny: the bear that embraces the world. Like other bears Keny inspires strength, confidence, courage and protection – just like KenaiGo.



We empower people to discover authentic destinations safely. This way we help to expand horizons, overcome fears and reduce prejudice.


We are pioneers and leaders in offering a support and safety network for travelers around the globe.

Our Values

Team KenaiGo



Strategy Director

Vienna, Austria. Having travelled to many countries, she believes that travelling opens people’s minds and breaks down stereotypes. Melanie has 18 years’ experience working in marketing, strategy consulting and human resources.



Operations Director

Barcelona, Spain. As a development engineer and travel guide in Southern Africa, Jaime spent some time in conflict zones, which has (involuntary) made him somewhat of an expert in safety and operations.



Marketing and Communications Director

Marketing and Communications Director Bogotá Colombia. As a marketing and sales manager and travel journalist with 16 years of experience, he loves exploring new cultures, moving with local people and inspiring others to transform their lives by traveling.

The beginning of a story...

This is the story of three passionate travelers, who have traveled 101 countries and who met through destiny in February 2019.

How? You ask?
We met at a hackathon, that is, a contest to launch business ideas. Based on our own experiences of traveling alone, we decided that something had to be done to improve the safety of solo travelers like us: and KenaiGO was born.

Since then, KenaiGo has won three awards and we have made our dream come true. And the best is yet to come …

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